Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

Bed bugs are small and flat, and the prever to live in cracks and crevices around your bed. If you see dark spots in and around your bed, this would be the liquid feces they produce in their living quarters. If your bed bug infestation is severe, you may notice a musty smell from their place of residence.

The most common place to find bed bugs will be in the mattress and foundation or box springs. However, sometimes bed bugs may be found in locations farther away from the bed – 30 feet away or more. Sofas in the same room as the infested bed is likely to be housed by bed bugs as well.

Find the bed bugs

Carefully examine the bed and box springs. Remove all the bedding and examine it for dark spots and smears, as well as bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs often hide in the wood framing of the foundation. Look around the wood framing for cracks, where wood pieces come together. In these crevices, you may find bed bugs. Take off any fabric that is stapled to the wood frame, and inspect closely.

Adjecent to the bed, look behind books, frames, in radios or eletrical gagdets, bedside and furniture. Take a close look along the edge of the carpet. Inspect the area where the wall and floor meet, all around the room. Bed bugs like to live in the closet, so remember to look there too.

Bed bugs can live almost anywhere!

It is really hard to get rid of bed bugs, as they have a 3-week reproductive cycle and all it takes is one survivor for them to breed again. They are more likely to be in the bed frame or a fold in the covering than the mattress itself.

Other placese to look – in drawers, behind drawers, in shelving – anything that will give them a quiet area during the day. You can get a hint of where they might be by the black droppings they leave.

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