What Are Bed Bugs?

What are Bed Bugs anyway?

We have all heard of them, these small, blood suckers that are so hard to get rid of. So what are bud bugs then? Bed bugs are small parasitic insects who feed on the blood of humans, as well as other warm-blooded animals. They are keen on making beds their home, since it is easy for them to feed while people are sleeping.

Bed bugs go to work during night time. They are very capable of feeding unnoticed while we sleep.

Bed bugs used to be common public health problem all across the world, but it declined in the mid 1900s. Unfortunately, reports are saying that bed bugs infestations are on the rise, world wide. Bed bugs are good at traveling around the world. You can nowadays get them anywhere, since they so easily travel across continents via clothing, furniture and luggage, etc.


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