Toronto Bed Bugs

There are plenty of bed bugs in Toronto these days. The city is continuing its war against bed bugs, and is asking the province for $2.8 million to support a longer term strategy implemented across the city.

The number of calls that have been recorded at Toronto Public Health over the year is very high, and is still increasing. It is clear that Bed bugs are not going away in Toronto.

The city’s bed bug infestation has grown so fast and drastically that these bloodsuckers have spread outside homes and are hanging out with Torontonians at work. Next step will likely be a bed bug outbreak on public transit and in movie theatres, researchers say.

There isn’t a place in Toronto that is exempt, everyone is susceptible. Bed bugs will find their way to you, eventually, and it’s in everybody’s interest to address this now.

Apparently, the city of Toronto is not ready for the havoc to come. A report on bed bugs, funded by the city and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, released this week noted a dramatic 1,500 reports of bed bug infestations to Toronto Public Health between March, 2008 to October, 2008. There were 46 reports in 2003, the first time complaints of bed bugs were recorded.

The majority of the complaints come from the city’s downtown area. Buildings on Isabella Street, Wellesley Street East, Sherbourne Street and Danforth Avenue have received numerous complaints.

The situation will likely get worse, unfortunately. If you have bed bug problems in Toronto, have a look at this Google map of Bed Bug Pest Control Experts:
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