Pictures of bed bugs

Have you wondered what bed bugs look like? We have a collection of pictures of bed bugs for your viewing pleasure (or nightmare) – see below. They are small and not very attractive. How small are they? See the bed bug beside the coin, to get an idea.

Bed bugs are good at hiding. They can be thin like a piece of paper, and they fit nicely into cracks. They prefer to feed late at night, but you may get bitten without your knowledge during the night or day when you least expect it. Remember also that bed bug bites can be hard to identify, and they can look very similar to other insect bites. Please take a look at the bed bug bites page for more information.

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on human or warm blooded animals. Bed Bug is a common name for cimicidae. They are called bed bugs because their favorite place to live is in houses especially the bed where people sleep. This insect attacks people while they’re sleeping. Bed bugs suck the blood of humans so carefully that the victim doesn’t even notice. The bite appears as small red dots on the skin and itch badly.

Bed bugs are found all over the world and have been around for thousands of years. These bugs don’t have wings and are brownish in color. Bed bugs spread easily by foreign travelers, clothing and second hand furnishings and homes. The bite of a bed bug can cause skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Other than that, they are not harmful. Some signs of bed bugs include spots, molts and blood marks on sheets.

Bed bugs usually appear at night which makes them hard to spot. Their eggs may be hiding in fabric seams. Bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding on blood, but usually, they feed every five to ten days.

For treatment, make sure you purchase quality bed bugs products that are proven to work.

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  1. I had my first experience and hopefully my last with bedbugs. At first I thought I as being bitten by fleas so I bombed the house and used flea bath on my 5 dogs. The 4 smalll dogs sleep in my bed.Then a roommate showed me a bug that had crawled .on her head. She had lived at a shelter where they had a horrific infestation. She told me they used chemical sprays, heat, steam and bleach and black trash bagS to get rid of them. so I used my shark steamer and spray bleach everyday for a week. worked great! Do Not use bleach in the steamer. that causes poissonous chlorine gas.put all sheets pillows in dryer to kill the bugs and or put in large black trash bags and leave in hot sun for A temp of 160 degrees kills the bugs!

  2. Hi my doughter goes to a school.that found bed bugs im so scared they realy dident do much what can I do?

  3. Hi Jade, I don’t think there your daughter will have much of a bed bug problem during the day. They don’t run around in the day attacking people. Instead, the crawl out during the night, looking for victims. Since your daughter probably doesn’t sleep at the school, she should be fine. I recommend talking about this with the principal at the school, so you can feel more comfortable with the whole situation. Ask them how they plan do deal with the problem.

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