How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Do you have bed bugs? How DO you know?

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What do bed bugs look like? How will you know if that’s a bed bug that you saw? These are good questions. First of all, they are small and not very pleasant-looking. How small, you may wonder? They are about 4 mm in length, and 2.5 mm wide.

Bed bugs have an oval body and the head is short. Their bodies are flat and broad. They have no wings, and their color is brown. The grow slightly after feeding (sucking blood), and their color will then get a more darkened blood-red tint.

Another to find out if you have bed bugs is to look for signs – blood spots on sheets and black or brown spots on bed frames, walls or mattresses. If you see this, you may have a bed bug infestation on your hands.

Bed bugs are also good at hiding because they are thin like a piece of cardboard. They slip into cracks anywhere, where you will never see them.

These insects prefer to suck blood late at night, while you are sleeping. However, you could also get bitten without you even knowing it, during the night or day. Keep in mind also, that bed bug bites can be hard to identify, because they often very similar in appearance to other insect bites, such as spider bites.

Bites can also look different from one person to the next. On some people, the bites are larger; on some there is a red dot in the center where the skin was penetrated; yet on some, they may look like pimples.

You may have heard that bed bugs always bite in a semi-circular fashion, so that you end up with a pattern. This is not necessarily true – it could happen, but there are many cases in which the victim does not end up with a pattern of bites.

Another to keep in mind – dermatologists are often unable to identify a bed bug bite or distinguish it from a bite from a different insect.

Being bitten by a bed bug is not painful, but the effects from the bite can be very annoying. Depending on how sensitive you are to the bites, the area can become irritated and sometimes even inflamed. Some have described the bite as something that is like a mosquito bite – very itchy, in other words. The area can be severely itchy for several days.

The reason for the itch is because of a reaction to the saliva that is injected into the skin during the bite. The itchiness can be very, very annoying, and could disrupt your sleep in a major way. Another reason for why it can be hard to determine if it is a bed bug is because sometimes, the reaction from the bites can take several days to appear.

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This article was written by Robert Renman.

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