How do you get bed bugs?

First of all, bed bugs are not a sign of dirty living conditions. Even a very clean house can get a large infestation of bed bugs. Even if you create the cleanest possible living environment, this will not eliminate an already established bed bug population. If bed bugs are brought into your home, you can easily face a bed bug infestation, no matter how clean your living conditions are.

So where do bed bugs come from?

Typically, a bed bug infestation in your home would appear because someone in your house have been in contact with infested clothing or furniture in a motel, hotel or hostel. Bed bugs are easily passed around from used clothing and materials. It is a misconception that cleanliness will prevent the spreading of an infestation. Still, the cleaner your living environment is, the harder it will be for the bed bugs to hide.

Since bed bugs are so small, they can easily sneak into one’s luggage, clothes, vehicle, etc without anyone noticing. The little bugs get a free ride this way, and consequently, they can come from almost any part of the world.

Preventing a bed bug infestation

  • Don’t buy used furniture. Especially, stay away from upholstered furniture. If you do, make sure you have an expert inspect the items for any signs of bed bugs.
  • If you stay at a hotel, motel, hostel or similar – cover the mattress with a plastic cover, the kind which you can seal shut. This will prevent the bed bugs from getting to you.

It is advised that you keep these tips in mind next time when you travel somewhere and stay in temporary accommodation such as hostels, motels, etc. The best weapon is prevention, because if you get a bed bug infestation in your home, it may prove to be very difficult to get rid of.

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