Heat gun to kill bed bugs?

Can you kill bed bugs with a regular heat gun? Yes, apparently so. One of our readers sent in this the other day. May be worth a try!

The heat gun she is referring to is a Wagner Heat Gun.

I MUST share my experience with your readers. I was infested with bedbugs in a horrible way. I had them for a LONG period of time before I figured out what they was. I tried many many sprays. I also called a professional…the cost was $2000…..NOT even close to anything I could afford.

I decided to take matters in my own hands. I got IMMEDIATE results! I went to Lowes and bought a steamer…..NOT a steam cleaner but a steamer that removed wallpaper. It has a temperature that reaches over 225 degrees. This I KNOW kills the critters. I was diligent in my method. I steamed from ceiling to floor. I was careful to make sure I hit the baseboards. Every inch of my home was steamed. I had results that was amazing. GONE! What a difference it made. I have steamed every 2 days and will continue this for 4 weeks.

I also vacuum 2 times a days….remember to clean your vacuum each time. I have NO BUGS!! NONE!! I can sleep in my bed….as well as my child has returned to her room. I also encased all pillows and beds. This has been an answer for me and it worked beautifully. I hope you share this with your readers and it solves the hell they also are going thru. OH, by the way the steamer cost me $80…..the best money I spent. Good luck to all.
Thank you.

Wagner Heat Gun

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