Getting Rid of Bed Bugs


Getting rid of bedbugs may not be easy depending on how severe the infestation is. But many people have been doing this by themselves. If they can do it, so can you! Here are different ways on how you can get rid of bedbugs.

You have to identify the site of infestation first. Make sure that nothing comes in and goes out of the infested area. This will limit the transfer of bedbugs.

Bedbugs die under extreme heat. Steam cleaning and sun exposure are two ways that can be used. In steam cleaning, make sure that the surface of the furniture will not be destroyed. If you cannot use steam cleaning, you can just tap the extreme heat from the sun. Exposing the furniture under the sun for hours can be effective. After steam cleaning or sun exposure, vacuum the furniture to get rid of the dead bedbugs and eggs.

Some insecticides are designed specifically for bedbugs. You can choose from a wide variety. Some are even formulated to be eco-friendly and less toxic. When using insecticides, always read and follow the instructions properly. Insecticides should also be handled with utmost care.

Another way of getting rid of bedbugs is by using diatomaceous soil. This type of soil comes from single-celled algae which has jagged edges. The edges are able to cut into the bodies of bedbugs, thereby killing them. Just put the soil in places where you know that bedbugs will be passing by. Leave the soil for a few days then vacuum the site properly.

Whenever you vacuum the infested materials, always remember to dispose of the vacuum bag properly. This must be sealed in a plastic bag to ensure that any live bedbug or egg cannot come out. Patience is needed in getting rid of bedbugs. Every now and then inspect the same sites in case of a re-infestation.


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