Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous Earth is a soft sedimentary rock that easily crumbles into a fine white powder. This powder is very, very fine, and it has an abrasive property, and it’s very dry. That is why it works so well for getting rid of bed bugs.

First, start by spreading Diatomaceous Earth around your room. If you know where the bed bugs tend to hide, then place this powder around that area. That’s all you need to do! What happens next, is that the bed bugs cross this dust / power, and they get it on themselves and become dehydrated. The abrasive feature of Diatomaceous earth will further give them a major problem.

The end result is that that die. They can hydrate themselves when the dust gets on their little bodies. In conjuction with this – the abrasiveness of DE will cause permanent damage to the bed bugs, and they can not survive, since they are unable to get the powder off of themselves.

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth To Kill Bed Bugs

Leave the powder where it is until your bedbugs are gone. Add more if it blows away or seem to not cover the important areas of your room.

After treating the room for 48 hours, vacuum all the areas you treated to get all the dead bed bugs, eggs and feces you find. Next, you retreat the area again, however, this time you don’t vacuum it up (unless you see many dead bed bugs the next day). Leave it there until you clean the room on your regular schedule, and retreat the area with DE again. Keep DE handy so you can easily add some to strategic or problematic areas you may have missed.

Remember to treat couches and other soft furniture in the room with Diatomaceous Earth as well.

Keep this in mind – Diatomaceous Earth has No Synthetic Chemicals, No Odor or additives of any kind. It is a completely natural product, that is inexpensive and non-toxic for humans. It doesn’t evaporate, or get old and stale. It is a natural mineral, and a very effective bed bugs killer.

Where To Get Diatomaceous Earth

You can get the Organic Bedbug Killer Diatomaceous Earth DE from Amazon – it works very well.

You Will Need a Duster Tool Too

In order to make it easier to apply DE, you should get the Pest Pistol Mini Duster – a simple and effective way to spread this dust around where you need to.

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  1. I am so happy to come accross this information i tried it tonight and really hope it works!

  2. Does this stuff kill other issue house bugs too? ie… fleas, ticks,roaches,ants…….

  3. I’m staying in a Airbnb and it looks like it might have bed bugs. The advice really worked

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