Bed bugs symptoms

Bedbugs are insects from the family Cimicidae. These insects feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Although not nocturnal, bedbugs usually feed during the night, when the hosts are asleep.
What are the different bedbug symptoms?

One symptom that you have bed bugs in the house is that you get bite marks when you sleep on your bed or on the couch. Bed bug bites can appear a few hours to a few days after you were actually bitten. How will you know that it is a bedbug bite?


Bedbug bites are pink to red and can either be flat or raised. You will observe that the marks form a pattern, like 3 or more in a line. And you will see that they are a bit closer to one another. Scientists say that this pattern may be caused by disturbance while the bedbugs feed. They simply move a bit away from the other bite mark.

Different people have different reactions to bedbug bites. Some have the marks while others don’t. Don’t be worried about diseases because bedbug bites cannot cause any disease. These simply cause itching and a burning sensation, which is the other symptom of bedbugs.

Again, different people have different reactions. Like with the bite marks, some people feel mild itching while others cannot sleep because of it. And in rare occasions, bedbug bites have caused allergic reactions!

You can treat bedbug bites. You can take antihistamines or systemic corticosteroids. But these medications only relieve itching and the burning sensation. No effect can be seen with regards to the bite marks. Topical corticosteroids are effective in addressing the itching and burning sensation as well as the bite marks. If you start itching, try not to scratch as this will only cause scars.

Once you have established these two symptoms, find the specific site of infestation. You can call an exterminator for bedbug treatment or you can do it yourself.


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