Bed Bug Sufferers Get New Bedding

Are you suffering from Bed Bugs? Perhaps it’s time to try some new bedding products.

Sleep-clean Allergy Control Products is proud to announce the release of the first 100% natural cotton and organic cotton dust mite allergy and bed bug bedding range in Canada and the US.

The range of dust mite allergy and bed bug mattress, pillow and duvet comforter covers is the natural solution to the problem of reducing dust mite allergens and bed bugs without using man made fabrics, which have a reputation of being less breathable and therefore warmer and uncomfortable to sleep on.

Creating this fabric has been a big task. It has low pore size while still keeping the costs down. It also has a very good air permeability rating.

It was not easy to get this product to the stores, but the benefits are clear and strong:

sleeping on 100% natural cotton or organic cotton dust mite anti-allergen and bed bug bedding is wonderfully cool and feels exactly like sleeping on a normalcotton sheet.

4 micron cotton mattress, pillow and duvet comforter covers are extremely effective in controlling dust mites, pet dander, bed bugs etc.

The new bedding covers cost no more than the man made alternatives.

To summarize, this allows for a bed bug free sleep for allergy and bed bug sufferers. It’s a natural product that you will get great use out of, for years to come.


  • Pore size: 4 microns – Lab tested & certified.
  • Weight: 3.5 oz/square yard.
  • No harsh chemicals or dyes – 100% natural cotton and organic cotton
  • Absolute comfort and breathability.
  • Very robust fabric with a 15 year warranty.
  • Latex free.
  • Available in all sizes and depths – Crib to California King and anything in between.
  • Completely encase the mattress, pillow or duvet comforter on all sides with a high quality zipper enclosure.


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