Bed Bug Heat Treatment

It appears that many people find heat treatment to be very effective for dealing with bed bug infestations. This process is more expensive than conventional methods, but for many, the benefits far out weigh the costs. As you know, fighting bed bugs is a tough battle, and many people are finding that conventional methods are not working.

If you are a home buyers or a realtor, it is advisable to consider heat treating the home before you move in. This would mean a sanitized environment from allergens, bacteria and any other pests left behind. Imagine moving in to a new place, with the unexpected surprise of bed bugs! In fact, this is becoming more and more common.

Keep in mind that education is the real solution to solving the problem with bed bugs. Do not wait until it is too late, and you have a bad infestation on your hands. The erroneous idea that if you have bed bugs, you are a dirty person must stop. Often, the truth is the opposite. Bed bugs are found in spotless home and hotels just as often as in cheaper housing. Please remember that these little pests are hitchhikers. That’s how they transport themselves around the world. As a result, the bed bug problem is definitely not a localized problem. You just have to look at the news anywhere in the world, and you often see the bed bug problem mentioned.

Now, please pay attention. Heat treatment for bed bugs should never be attempted as a do-it-yourself project. This should only be performed by qualified personnel. It takes knowledge, experience, skill and the correct tools.

Experienced professionals who use heat to kill bed bugs will heat the entire structure at up to temperatures well over 120 degrees. This is done very quickly, in order to avoid bed bugs escaping the heat. These experts will carefully monitor temperatures throughout your environment, and they make sure the whole area reach the temperature need to kill the bed bugs. They also have the skills and knowledge to perform this treatment in a safe manner.

Please do not attempt to perform heat treatment of your house for bed bugs. The danger is apparent, and it will like not work either, because you don’t have the skills, experience and tools needed. Call the qualified expert instead!

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  1. I had bed bugs last year and I called out an expert in the end to remove all bed bugs and to stop them from returning. The pest controller I had sprayed everywhere which was very effective. I want to thank you for providing information regarding the heat treatment; there are many ways now to kill all bed bugs.

  2. I had this heat treatment done twice ,a week apart from one treatment to the other. We still have these pest so don’t let anybody fool you. This does not and I mean does not get rid of the bed bugs . And it is NOT CHEAP over $2000.00 to have it done

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