How to kill Bed Bugs

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How to kill bed bugs

Bed Bug Bites

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Have you been bitten by bed bugs? How can you be certain?

First of all, bed bug bites are NOT dangerous to humans. The only issue could be if you have a severe allergic reaction to, but this is very rare. You can be sure of the fact that bed bug bites are very annoying, however.

Another thing that is important to understand is that bed bug bites are usually not easy to diagnose. It is not uncommon that doctors give the wrong diagnose, and label them as an entirely different kind if skin condition issue.

The first thing, of course, is that bed bug bites are very, very itchy. The reason they itch so much is because of your body’s reaction to the chemical that a bed bug bite injects into your skin. Similar to mosquitoes, the bed bug saliva contains an anticoagulant. This is introduced into your blood when the bed bugs suck. Furthermore, their saliva also acts as an anesthetic agent to prevent you from feeling the bite. That’s the reason we can get bitten during the night, but we don’t usually wake up from feeling the bites. Those bites become apparent the next morning, however.

The appearance of bed bug bites

Most people notice a rash-like appearance, which creates an awful lot of itching. These red bumps will appear on one particular area of the skin where the bed bug will focus on. However, some people experience red welts all over the body , and it seems to vary from person to person.

In order to determine if the bites are bed bug bites or not, you should think about when they occurred, and what activities you were doing just before you got bitten. It could be bites from fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, or other pests that often bite humans.

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Bed Bug Photos

To see more photos of bed bugs, go to our bed bug pictures page, which has good close-ups of bed bugs.

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